Published On: Jul 26, 2018 2:00 PM IST

Bigg Boss : This lady is raising the heat

The second season of Bigg Boss is managing to keep the viewers glued to the TV screens, thanks to some intriguing content. Also, the likes of Deepthi Sunaina and Tejashwi have been showing some strong effect on the viewership with their skimpy outfits. Now that Tejashwi is out of the show, the onus is upon wildcard entrant, Pooja Ramachandran.

The Malayali beauty made a blistering entry into the show and has impressed the viewers with her dressing style. As a part of her first task, she had to take a swim in the pool and this left the housemates staring at her. The glamour diva is certainly raising the heat in the show with her daring attitude, opine may viewers who have been following the show right from its first day.

It needs to be seen if Pooja can get along with the housemates, who have been cornering her.