Published On: Sep 2, 2018 5:08 PM IST

Bigg Boss : New plan to eliminate Kaushal

The influence of Kaushal army on Telugu reality show is stunning the viewers as Kaushal has turned into a strong favorite to win the title this year. However, the makers of the show are doing all they can to bring down the popularity of Kaushal, if possible, even eliminate him from the house.

If the current trend is anything to go by, there is no doubt in saying that Kaushal will the show by a big margin. In order to create a tensed atmosphere amongst the Kaushal army, a new change has been made to the show. From now on, Kaushal will be on the elimination list each and every week.

This way, Kaushal army will fall in defense every time and they cannot set their focus or eliminating a housemate. Also, the makers are looking to hold an internal elections campaign and get Kaushal eliminated, but this move will be bought to affect only after dropping subtle hints to the audience and checking their feedback.

All in all, the final few days of the show are promising to be a real nailbiter. It would be interesting to watch how the action unfolds in the following days.