Published On: Sep 5, 2018 11:49 AM IST

Big Update : Pawan Kalyan’s next movie before 2019 elections

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan made it clear that he is not interested in movies anymore and added that he set all his focus on politics. However, the latest developments are suggesting that Pawan may roll out a movie just before the coming elections.

As per sources, Pawan is feeling that a solid hit before the elections can come as a big boost to him and Janasena supporters. With this in mind, Pawan is meeting with his party forces and advisers to get a clear idea regarding the same.

Apparently, Pawan Kalyan will take the final call on his movie in a week or two and call for story discussions if he wants to work on a project. Moreover, he will be self-producing this movie in order to make sure that he does not come out with a negative impression from the producers if this movie fails at the box office.

Also, Pawan is looking to launch his nephew, Vaishnav Tej through Pawan Kalyan creative works. The director of Pawan’s Gopala Gopala, Dolly will be sitting on the director’s chair for this project.