BAN: Let alone 2 parts, what about the first half?

Monday, April 23rd, 2018, 02:07:41 PM IST

Mahesh’s Bharath Ane Nenu opened to strong word of mouth and great reviews all over. The movie registered good business on day 1 by collecting close to 22 crores and stood 6th on the list of highest grossers in Tollywood.

Not long ago, Koratala Siva said that the movie is filled with social related issues and the current problems being faced by the general public. In addition, Mahesh said that the movie had enough content to keep the audience engaged for 5 hours. He added that the movie can be released in 2 parts.

If the movie really had so much content, why did the director concentrate on the family emotions of CM Bharath. The initial stages are filled with family ridden emotions that add very little depth to the core plot. A few episodes are in no way related to the actual storyline as Bharath Ane Nenu is all about the political journey of a chief minister.

One may feel that the first half could have been a lot crispier if Koratala concentrated on addressing the current issues being faced by the public.