Published On: Sep 16, 2018 12:48 PM IST

Bahubali star : Kiss changed my life forever

Adivi Sesh, who played a key role in Bahubali made an interesting revelation about his film career. Speaking at a recent interview, Sesh said that he self-produced a movie named Kiss and instantly regretted the decision as the movie failed to impress right from the opening shows.

I was dealt with a huge blow as the movie incurred huge losses. I was not even able to pay my house rent. That movie taught me many things and changed my life forever. This is when the producer of Bahubali, Shobu gave me a chance in the magnum opus Bahubali.

By God’s grace, I am in a comfortable position now with some considerable success to my name. I will never take those missteps again and plan my career accordingly, said Adivi Sesh, who recently scored a good hit with Goodachari.