Published On: Sep 12, 2018 11:07 AM IST

Bad news : Bigg Boss is ready to make Kaushal the ‘King’

Followers of Hindi Bigg Boss are very much aware of the ‘King’ task, which leaves a bitter experience to many towards the end of the show. The makers use this task to create a negative impression on the favorites to win the title by giving them weird orders.

Apparently, The makers of Bigg Boss have prepared a similar strategy for Kaushal, who is going super strong. In order to complete the task, Kaushal should follow the orders from the Bigg Boss and these orders are prepared in such a way that they will offend the other housemates, building up the sympathy factor. As a result, Kaushal will be shown in the bad light and that will split the votes in the grand finale.

This is surely a bad news for the Kaushal army which is determined to make Kaushal sit on the throne. Moreover, the common viewers are the deciding factors here and their verdict will decide the winner. All in all, we are in for an intriguing ride during the final episodes of Telugu Bigg Boss.