Babu: What they did is against the constitution

Friday, May 18th, 2018, 10:01:38 AM IST

A few insider reports claim that Chandra Babu has been a bit too involved in Karnataka election campaigns. A while ago, there were rumors that TDP bigwigs gave over Rs 1000 crores in cash for Karnataka Congress leaders. The money changed hands at Chittoor district and Galla Jayadev looked after the entire process.

Sadly, none of Babu’s pans worked out and BJP is all set to form the government and Yeddyurappa has already taken the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka. However, the saffron party is yet to prove its majority in the house, which they will be doing in a day or two, claimed a few BJP sources.

Speaking about the happenings, Babu said that BJP is going against the constitution to form the government in Karnataka. How can the governor reject the proposal of two ally parties forming the government when they have enough members? How can BJP form the government without majority numbers? These were the questions raised by CBN.

Well, Babu has a point here as JDS and Congress have made the proposal of forming the government as they have enough MLAs. but governor rejected their proposal. Yeddyurappa said that they will be proving the majority by Monday.