Awe doing extremely well in USA

Friday, February 16th, 2018, 06:54:03 PM IST

Nani’s productional venture, Awe hit the big screens today after raising attention with its trailers and first looks. This experimental flick is getting good response overseas.

The huge star cast involved in the movie helped in building hype around the film. However, Awe is one such movie that may not impress all sections of the audience. This movie is made with A centers and overseas market in mind.

As expected, Awe is doing its job in the overseas by collecting $120 k from 100+ locations. This is a really good figure for a story-driven film that runs solely on narration. Awe is made without any compromise on the budget front.

Nani has already stated that he’s not expecting to mint money at the box office, but expecting the audience to go Awe! after watching the movie. It would be interesting to watch how the native audience will receive this experimental attempt.