AP’s ‘All-important’ cabinet meeting

Thursday, May 31st, 2018, 10:45:32 AM IST

The incoming report from Amaravati suggests that the Andhra Pradesh cabinet meeting is set to be held today and many ongoing issues will come to discussion. Apparently, the cabinet will be discussing the Nava Nirmana deekshas that are set to be held from June 2nd. AP CM, Chandra Babu himself is very keen on making these deekshas successful and has called for support from his party leaders as well.

Also, the cabinet will be taking a final call on the Agrigold issue and the next steps that should be taken by the government to make sure that the victims are provided some sort of relief. It is being heard that the unemployment allowance and Anna Canteen scheme implementation procedure will take the center stage as these two welfare schemes can work wonders if proper care is taken in the execution process.

This makes it clear that the TDP government is looking to set things right before the 2019 elections as many promises that were made during the 2014 elections are yet to be fulfilled. The opposition parties are looking to make a meal out of the 2014 TDP manifest as it had close to 600 promises, but many of them have been left to the air. This adds an extra bit of burden to the cabinet as the government cannot afford any slip-ups at this crux time.