Published On: Sep 16, 2018 2:52 AM IST

AP Survey: Big Shock to TDP

The India-Today Axis’s ‘My India’ survey studied the electors in Andhra and came up with some interesting revelations. The survey predicted the YCP Chief YS Jagan would emerge to victory in the upcoming elections.

The survey that was conducted on about 10,650 voters across the state between 8th and 12th September showed that the YCP would have a majority vote share of 43% as compared to 38% of the ruling TDP. 36% of the voters claimed that the governance under Chandra Babu was not good.

The YCP leaders are ecstatic at this news and are going to great ends to advertise the survey results in the media. However, there are several results that have predicted a win for TDP too. So there is no genuine way of predicting who would win in the 2019 elections.