AP Ex-CS : I am not done yet

Saturday, April 28th, 2018, 03:45:07 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh Ex-Chief Secretary, IYR Krishna Rao made headlines in the past by criticising Chandra Babu over his 4-year tenure as the chief minister. He stated that CBN constantly keeps changing his word and that was clearly evident during the TDP-BJP alliance.

CBN said that the state was hugely benefited when TDP and BJP were together, but instantly changed his word as soon as TDP quit the NDA. He started foul mouthing BJP and said that they cheated the people of Andhra Pradesh by not fulfilling the special status promise they made during the 2014 elections, said IYR.

Speaking of the capital, IYS said that the planning for Amaravati can never really be finalized and severely criticised Babu for his attitude. Interestingly, IYR said that he is not done yet and will be revealing further details about the government soon. It would be interesting to watch IYR’s revelations about the TDP government.