Another ‘Stupid’ Twitter controversy on comedians tweets

Friday, May 4th, 2018, 05:16:49 PM IST

Tamil comedian, Vivekh is a familiar name to Telugu audience after the star comedian made his presence felt in movies like Surya’s Yamudu and Ajith’s Yentha Vadu Kani. The actor makes is very active on his social media platform, Twitter and constantly posts his opinions and updates about his movie.

The actor is currently facing a huge backlash on Twitter for making an offensive tweet. Vivekh tweeted that children should make proper use of the summer season and get to learn new things. He added that girls should help their mothers in the kitchen and learn a thing or two about cooking. Also, boys should travel with their father to workplaces and develop good knowledge about the outside world.

For some weird reason, a few people on Twitter were triggered by these comments. They started accusing Vivekh of stereotyping and showing bias towards a gender. It is very evident that the whole controversy is looking silly and baseless.

Vivekh meant to encourage girls to learn the art of cooking and how can that be a mistake, questioned the actor’s supporters. Well, how can one feel offended when they are suggested to learn something new.

This is currently one of the most talked about topics on the Twitter. The actor is yet to respond to the controversy.