Another day, another blunder from CBN

Friday, May 25th, 2018, 09:43:45 PM IST

Anyone who is closely following Andhra Pradesh politics is feeling that Chandra Babu is slowly losing his track, making blunder statements on various issues. A while ago, Chandra Babu was trolled for saying that the TDP government fought against the Britishers for the welfare of the country. These comments went viral as netizens made fun of Babu’s insane comments.

It looks like CBN has not learned from his recent mistake and has come up with another bunder. In his twitter update, ” At one stage, Hyderabad did not even have access to drinking water. Later, TDP government developed the city and established the iconic Begumpet airport”, said Babu. This statement caused a huge stir on social media as the Begumpet was established in the 1930’s by the last Nizam. This makes it clear that the airport was built at least 20 years before Chandra Babu was even born( Babu’s DOB: 20 April 1950) and 50 years before the establishment of TDP( 29 March 1982).

This tweet was deleted minutes after it was posted as people came up with sarcastic comments. Sadly, the damage has been done by then. It is really saddening to see the honorable chief minister of Andhra Pradesh make such a blunder mistake on a social media platform.