An emotional Siddramiah to be blamed

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018, 11:20:22 PM IST

The Karnataka elections have increased the heat in the national politics as the allied JDS- Congress is trying to stop the saffron party which has the highest majority from coming into power. Apparently, the outgoing Chief Minister Siddramiah got quite emotional about this.

Siddramiah received hostility from several senior Congress MLAs and leaders who are holding him responsible for the Congress’s failure performance in the elections. They pointed out that Siddramiah’s complete authority in selection of candidates and the Lingayat issue.

The nation is waiting to see who will form the government. If the BJP wins, it will be the 22nd state in the nation under its rule. This will make it harder for the Congress as it was 34 seat less of majority but blaming only Siddramiah for its loss is not justified.