Published On: Jul 24, 2018 5:32 PM IST

Akkineni hero’s safe game costing him?

Akkineni Sushantha made a decent entry into Tollywood with Kaludasu movie and showed a lot of promise as an actor. Unfortunately, he could not make it big in the film industry as he struggled to score good hits and eventually faded away. However, he is looking to make a comeback with youthful comedy entertainer, Chi La Sow.

This movie was slated for release long back but was pushed to July 27th for various reasons. Just when the movie was generating a decent buzz, the makers stated that the movie will be postponed in order to avoid a clash with Sakshyam. The latest news is that the movie will be hitting the big screens on August 3rd. It is very clear that the Akkineni hero is looking for a safe launch and is in no mood to face competition from other movies.

Interestingly, Adivi Sesh’s Goodachari is gearing up for release on August 3rd. It is already known that the director of Chi La Sow, Rahul Ravindran is good friends with Adivi Sesh. So, the chances of these movies locking horns against each other are very bleak. If the makers wish to further postpone Chi La sow, the buzz around the movie will evaporate and that is a worrying sign for Sushanth. It looks like the Akkineni hero is looking to play the safe game and it is costing him big time.