Akhil’s desperation troubling Venky?

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, 07:03:56 PM IST

Akkineni Akhil is in dire need of a box office hit as his previous 2 movies failed to live up to the expectations laid upon them. He took a lengthy layoff and waited till he found the right script and a bankable director to helm his 3rd and the most crucial project in his career. Finally, he agreed to do a movie with Venky Atluri, who scored a superhit with his first movie, Tholiprema.

The shooting works of this Akhil3 are currently going on in London and the majority of the movie will be shot in the UK. Unfortunately, a few creative differences between Venky and Akhil are currently troubling the movie unit. If these rumors are to be believed, Akhil is desperate to score a hit with his 3rd movie and suggesting a few changes to the final script. However, Venky is reluctant to make these changes as he is confident about his story works.

Another interesting news is that Akhil has skipped the shooting for 2 days in a row and demanded the director to make the suggested changes. All in all, it looks like Akhil’s desperation to score a hit is troubling the young director, Venky Atluri.