Published On: May 20, 2018 4:10 PM IST

After Karnataka, BJP to target Telangana?

After coming close to victory but failing to take power in Karnataka, the BJP is now set to eye the remaining states in which the State elections are yet to happen and Telangana is likely to be its prime target, said Regional President K.Laxman.

The Legislative Assembly polls in Telangana will be held along with the general elections in 2019 and apart from Telangana, BJP is focusing on Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Orissa. Party sources have confirmed that President Amit Shah will visit Telangana to assess the political situation and come up with a political strategy.

It is crucial for the BJP to hold power in the souther states to come to power again but both the telugu states have strong connections to the respective regional parties and not to mention the protests for Special Status. Looks like the party will have a touch call in the upcoming elections.