After Arjun Reddy, VH targets BAN

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018, 08:19:41 PM IST

Senior politician, V Hanumantha Rao is very active when it comes to reacting to the current on-going topics in Telangana. The Politician previously made headlines by speaking about Arjun Reddy. He stated that the movie had bold dialogues and a few intimate scenes between the lead pair.

On a contemporary note, Hanumantha Rao said that KCR is lending a helping hand towards movie stars. He said that the TRS government gave the permission for a movie event in LB stadium after they rejected the permission for Kodandaram’s political event. This directly reflects that the government gave the nod for Mahesh’s Bharath Ane Nenu’s event but rejected a political cause.

VH said that he will be reacting to every misstep from the TRS government.