Published On: Jul 31, 2018 1:30 PM IST

A big blow for Samsung in smartphone segment?

South Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has been on the top of the game for a really long time now. However, the latest trends in the premium smartphone segment are taking steep turns when compared to that of last year’s. Reportedly, Samsung has been dealt with a big blow in the premium segment as OnePlus has emerged as the new leader.

According to reports, Samsung registered 54% of the total revenue in the segment during June 2017 while OnePlus had just 8%. Coming to April 2018, OnePlus set the stats on fire and accumulated for a total of 40.50% and Samsung was confined to just 34.40%. Interestingly, even Apple had to face a slip down as they registered 13.60% in 2018 when compared to 29.60% in 2017.

We can easily come to a conclusion that OnePlus is currently on a rise and emerged as the segment leader in no time. Their robust hardware paired with some silky smooth Android OS have attracted the buyers and helped in registering some staggering number, opine tech experts.