2019 Sankranthi : NTR vs YSR

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, 04:20:48 PM IST

We normally see a flurry of movies test their luck during the Sankranthi season, looking to cash in on the holidays. Moreover, we see many big-name stars clashing for release dates and Balakrishna has been one of the prime contestants who never misses the chance to release his movie on the Sankranthi eve.

The incoming reports are claiming that this Sankranthi season will be special as two biopics on famous personalities are set to clash against each other. It is being reported that NTR biopic and Yatra( Biopic on YSR) will be battling it out next holiday season.

NTR biopic finally got going after Bala Krishna appointed Krish as the director of the film. The buzz is that Krish asked for more time to revamp the script of the movie. However, he has the knack of shooting films at a brisk pace and Balayya himself is aware of this as they worked together for Gouthami Puthra Sathakarni. Balayya set only one condition to Krish and that is to complete the movie on time and get it readied for Sankranthi season.

On the other hand, Yatra is being directed by Mahi V Raghav who scored a super hit in the form of Anando Bramha. The regular shooting works of the movie are set to be kickstarted soon and the makers are planning to release the movie this Sankranthi.

All in all, it looks like we will witness an epic clash between NTR and YSR this Sankranthi.